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Christopher and Andreas Aamodt are the Master Cider Craftsmen behind Thor’s Hard Cider. The brothers are 4th generation apple-growers and have been surrounded by apples since birth. Their vast knowledge of all things apple and passion for creating unique flavors made for the perfect blend of passion to create a cider they are proud to share. Painstaking attention to detail mixed with a refusal to cut creative corners – not adding sugar or artificial flavors to their ciders – made for long days and many challenges. With the help of younger brother Geoffrey and brother-in-law Ryan Matheny, Thor’s Hard Cider has become a crisp and delicious crowd-pleaser. Their cider-making process is a well-kept family secret, and the Aamodt brothers wouldn’t ask for it any other way.


In 2010, Christopher graduated college and took over the growing responsibilities and fruit production at Aamodt’s Apple Farm. Christopher had a plethora of the best Minnesota grown apples at his disposal, so it was only a matter of time before he started experimenting with hard cider formulas. It didn’t take long - maybe a bottle or two of Christopher’s creations - before his two brothers Alex and Geoff caught wind and jumped on board. Christopher’s knowledge of what Minnesota-grown apples have to offer enriches each blend balance that the brothers craft. 


Geoffrey Thor Aamodt is named after the Aamodt's great-grandfather, the very man who founded the orchard back in 1948. He shares the same passion as his brothers and business partners to create a unique product that brings apples to a new level. He truly loves the craft and can't wait to see what else is in store for the team as the Thor's word spreads! 


Andreas is the oldest of the fourth generation Aamodts boys, and has been surrounded by apples for as long as he can remember. While his sister and her friends would work the registers, Andreas and his friends would be helping visitors find their way around the orchard. This continued up until last year, when he finally told his friends that they'd have to continue without him as he had some cider to pour! Three years ago, he started working for Elite Restoration Pro, and his bosses expressed interest in helping the guys bring the business to a new level. A few meetings later with the whole family, and Thor's Hard Cider was elevated to a much larger level.



Ryan grew up in South Saint Paul, Minnesota and owns a seasonal Masonry business. A few years ago, Ryan moved to Stillwater with his wife Rachel and new daughter Teagan. Growing up, he never really liked cider but when his soon to be brother in law, Alex, asked if he wanted help out with their new hard cider venture in his free time, he couldn't resist. Ryan realized very quickly that he never disliked cider, he had just never tasted GOOD cider.

He would never consider his role at Thor's as "work" as he is just doing what he loves with his "brothers from another mother." 


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