As Apple Farmers, born and raised, our family knows a thing or two about apples which, believe it or not, comes in handy when making great cider. We've quickly learned how truly amazing things can happen when you toss some Minnesota Honeycrisp mixed with tart Haralson and a few other varieties into a press. Then, after letting the cold fermentation do its job, Thor's Cider is created.


Created with authenticity in mind, we completely avoided using apple juice concentrate, which is commonly used in mass market hard ciders. Thor's is made with farm fresh-pressed, full-strength, locally-grown apples. From the first apple being picked, to the cap being pressed on our bottles, the entire process happens at Aamodt's Apple Farm.


Specialty & Limited Edition Cider

El Thoro - 5.5%

Thor's Hard Cider goes south of the border for this one! Jalapeno, cilantro and lime come together with our classic hard cider for an unforgettable fiesta. 

Dry Cran - 7%

Our award-wining dry cider is simply complimented by a little cranberry. 

Pom Cheri - 7%

Fresh pomegranite and cherry are added to our Keepsake and Haralson dry hard cider base. 

Winter Solstice

A unique holiday blend of almond, cinnamon and vanilla is sure to to bring joy and tidings to your tastebuds. ​

Arctic Rosé 

With the help of the Marquette Wine Grape we have created a true apple rosé with a semi-dry finish and a slight tartness​ from the Dalgo Crab apple. 

Oh My Gourd (OMG)!

Drink the best of fall with our semi-sweet base naturally flavored with smoked pumpkin and vanilla chia spices. ​

Sitron Tee - 5.5%

Our semi-sweet base is steeped with black tea leaves and then given a splash of lemon, which is know as Sitron in Norwegian. This is our take on the classic Arnorld Palmer that's traditionally consumed on the links. 

Hoppet - 5.5%

We dry hop our semi-sweet base with a New Zealand hop for up to 36 hours. We chose a hop that doesn't overpower the cider but instead compliments the fruity citrus notes while still allowing the hop's aroma to elevate the cider to something new. 

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